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Summer is almost over and with three short weeks until classes are back in session, it is time to do some back-to-school shopping! Perhaps it is your first day of high school or you are rushing for a sorority in college. Blush Ivey has put together a few outfit ideas that will help you dress to impress this coming school year. 

Classic Look

If you don’t want to be flashy, but also want to make a statement, just wear your favorite pair of denim, a basic t-shirt, sandals or sneakers, and a denim jacket/cardigan. This look is easy and actually quite versatile. All of these items should already be in your closet, but if they aren’t, they make great staple pieces to mix and match with other outfits. 

Athleisure Look

Comfort is key when dressing for school. Students sit in uncomfortable desks all day, and college students have to learn the hard lesson of walking far distances to each class. Wake up, freshen your make-up, throw your hair up in colorful Teleties, and slip into your favorite yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt. You will look casual and comfy, but also stylish and put-together. 

Dressed Up Looks

High school senior girls often wear black dresses on the first day of school to signify their upperclassmen status. Follow the trend by wearing a comfortable maxi dress or a classy A-line dress with espadrille wedges or block heels. From a college perspective, rushing for a sorority requires several special outfits, including a white dress. White is a hard color for some women to pull off, but with the right shape and style, you can look elegant and poised for rush. Check out our last blog to see which dress type suits your body the best!

School Spirit 

Attending college is a huge step for so many people, and you may want to acknowledge how proud you are of your new school. Wear a simple t-shirt with the school logo or get a custom monogrammed or embroidered shirt from Blush Ivey! If you want to be less subtle with your appreciation, wear an outfit with your school colors. 

No matter what outfit you choose to wear, remember to be true to yourself. The first day of any new school will be a challenge, but if you go in with a positive attitude and an open mind, it won’t matter what you are wearing. Good luck to all the new students going into the new school year and come by Blush Ivey for some back-to-school essentials. 

July 16, 2019 by Molly Mixon