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Andrea Feirer, Owner

Welcome to Blush Ivey Boutique and Embroidery! One day during my son's karate class, I listened to Steve Jobs commencement speech from Stanford University and it was life changing.  He said, "if it was the last day of your life and you had to get up and go to work, is what your doing today what you would want to be doing? And if not, what would you want to be doing?"  Because where passion lies, success follows.  At that time I was an ER nurse and had a dependable income and steady work.  I started on Etsy and reinvested all my earnings back into my business but in 2013, I had to make a decision to either leave nursing to pursue my dream or go back to nursing.  I no longer could do both, so I chose to take a leap of faith and sign a lease on my first store front.  Within three years, I out grew that space.  In 2016, I signed a lease at another location and Blush Ivey was born.  When you love what you do it's not like work, but I've never worked so hard in my life.  I'm so thankful for all my customers because you are the reason I get to continue to live out my dream and do what I love.  I hope you have as much fun shopping as I have fun shopping for you!