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How to Wear Crop Tops This Summer

Fashion trends come and go all the time. Ripped jeans, wide leg pants, and choker necklaces were all popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s, but quickly faded out as fashion modernized. Now, these once taboo statements have made an enormous comeback, and the crop top is no different.

Summers in the South are unbelievably hot and humid, and a crop top can help us feel cool and stylish at the same time. Some people are still on the fence about this fashion comeback trend, but here are a few different ways you can wear a crop top.


Pair with High Waisted Shorts

Crop tops can come up as high as your breast line or low enough to cover your belly button. If you are weary about showing too much skin, style your crop top with a pair of high waisted shorts. Typically, high waisted shorts come up above the belly button, closing the gap between where the crop top ends and the shorts begin. High waisted shorts and pants are also a trend that made its way back, after dying out in the late 80’s. Their slimming nature and ability to define the waist put them back in the consumer’s closets.


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 Pair with a Skirt

Similar to the high waisted shorts, crop tops can be paired with a mid-rise or high-rise skirt. For tighter crop tops, consider dressing it down with a button-front denim skirt or stretchy pencil skirt for a slimming look. For more free flowing crop tops, try an a-line midi or maxi skirt for both comfort and sophistication. Whether you are going out with the girls or going to a wedding, the skirt and crop top look can be altered to fit any occasion.


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Layer with Other Pieces

Although the summer weather makes it hard to layer, you can use your crop tops for an indoor or work day look as well. Take a simple cropped tank or short sleeve tee and layer it over a patterned collared blouse. Pair the look with some skinny ankle pants and a pair of pumps, and you are ready for the office. For a more casual style, use the crop top under a pair of overalls or a jumper. This type of layering will cause less bulk under the overalls or jumper and more breathability in the heat.


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There are so many fun and unique uses for crop tops, and the trend continues to grow more and more popular. Whichever way you decide to style them, we encourage you to always be true to yourself and your personal style. If you want to see our full collection of new crop tops and high waisted shorts, come to Blush Ivey!

April 23, 2019 by Molly Mixon